Take a look at LG’s biggest (and smallest) OLED TVs ever

OLED TVs tend to have better picture quality than the more common and less expensive LCD-based TVs, but they’re also available in fewer different sizes. But at CES 2022, LG is closing the size gap and hoping to broaden the appeal of OLED: the massive 97-inch and the relatively diminutive 42-inch versions of the largest and smallest OLED TVs yet. (unless you count early examples like the 15-inch LG EL9700 or 11-inch Sony XEL-1).

Besting the past OLED size champion, the 88-inch bruiser with 8K resolution that’s been on sale since 2019, the 97-inch OLED is a sight to behold. I checked it out at LG’s pre-CES showcase in New Jersey and was as convinced as ever that bigger TVs are better — and based on my quick comments, it’s perfectly detailed, even though it “only” has 4K resolution. Ho.

The giant is a member of LG’s G2 series, which also includes sizes from 55 to 83 inches. As such, it’s thinner and more wall-mountable than the step-down C2 model offered by LG – as well as 20% brighter, according to LG. If you’re keeping track, the largest LCD-based model currently available comes in at 98 inches.

LG also had a 42-inch screen, which was an (one-down?) LG called it ideal for gamers and showcased it with the UltraGear Gaming Speakers, a setup that would put any gaming monitor to shame. Although the 42-inch OLED is a member of the C2 series, it lacks the Evo panel found on the 55-inch and larger versions. Otherwise it’s the same, complete with best-in-class input features including VRR and 4K/120Hz capability.

LG hasn’t announced pricing for any of its 2022 TVs yet, leaving people like me to guess freely. The 88-inch 8K model now sells for about $30,000, so I expect the 97-inch version to cost at least $40,000, despite the lower resolution. The 48-inch is currently selling for $1,100, so I expect the 2022 recess price to be around $1,000 for the 42-inch.

The best 65 inch TV can bring great entertainment and fun in watching your favorite TV shows. Now is the time to upgrade your home with a 65-inch TV that comes with excellent picture quality along with smart function and impressive size.

You can get an exceptional 65-inch TV—with smart features and other desirable features—for less than $1,000, and sales prices regularly drop to under $500 for budget models.

When I compare TVs side-by-side at CNET, I prefer to use a 65-inch screen, as nearly every mainstream TV-maker offers this size. They’re not big enough to occupy most living rooms, but they’re big enough to show off HDR-quality video and 4K resolution while you watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Most can also serve as an excellent gaming TV.

The list below represents the best 65-inch TV options I reviewed in CNET’s testing lab (for 2022, this is my basement), where I test them side by side to see which ones. Best suited to buy from. I took into account factors like Smart TV features: Does it work with Apple Airplay?

Does it come with Amazon Fire TV capabilities or Roku? I also considered refresh rate, game modes, and other gaming features (make sure it can keep up with your Xbox Series X!), contrast ratio, peak brightness, whether it has an HDMI port, and more. Below are my latest recommendations, along with the following notes to keep in mind.

No TV I’ve ever tested offers so much picture quality for this little cash. Thanks to Mini-LED technology, Dolby Vision HDR, and well-implemented local dimming, the TCL 4K UHD TV has an outstanding image, helping it round out almost any other TV at this price point.

It’s also a solid choice for gamers with a THX mode that combines low input lag and high contrast. As if that wasn’t enough, the Roku TV operating system is our favorite.

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