Spotify clickable podcast ads may free hosts from spelling

Spotify is rolling out a new kind of ad format during podcasts, call-to-action cards that let podcasters during their ad breaks whenever they want to pertain to special deals, by letter, by URL and by coupon code. Can give a break from writing letters. Audience like you

The ad cards, announced in a blog post on Thursday, make Spotify podcast ads interactive for the first time. Podcasts are a format that was long based on downloads that were irreversible once they were parked on your device.

But as Spotify has focused on non-musical audio like podcasts over the years, it has invested in different types of ads with more flexibility because they’re part of a stream rather than a download. The new card means that podcast advertising on Spotify can widen from something that can only be heard to something you can see – and click on, too.

These ads, known as shorthand CTA cards, will appear in Spotify’s app as soon as the ad starts running. They add a visual banner with clickable options which means podcasters won’t need to read promo codes or special web addresses and you won’t have to work as hard to remember them. The same CTA cards will reappear later when you are using the Spotify app.

Spotify is the latest in a lineup of tools for podcasters over the past year that let them interact more directly with fans, including video podcasts, Q&A, and polls.

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There are 525,600 minutes in a year. Matt Suda spent 206,989 of them — more than a third of last year’s — listening to Spotify.

Suda was one of the early customers to get their hands on the invite-only release of Car Thing, Spotify’s first hardware device, which goes on sale Tuesday. Unlike him, you probably didn’t spend more time streaming music than sleeping in last year. But Spotify is betting that Suda and the roughly 140 million of you have something in common: Your car doesn’t have a fancy infotainment system to rival a Tesla.

“I was really interested in seeing Spotify’s take on building my own hardware,” said Suda, a 26-year-old student in Houston who drives a 2012 Honda. “I totally wasn’t expecting that. But getting the device and using it – you can understand more of the problem they’re going after.”

Spotify’s main listening space is home, but the car is a close second, said Gustav Soderstrom, Spotify’s chief research and development officer. He says Americans spent “crazy” 70 billion hours a year on the road before the pandemic. But while about 50% to 70% of cars on American roads may be able to connect to a phone, they aren’t so fresh-of-the-line as to have an entertainment display that streams tunes and podcasts with ease.

For Spotify, that means drivers in nearly 140 million cars can stream Spotify more — or start paying for it if they don’t already — if a device is compatible with Apple’s Car Play or Android devices for them. Auto can repeat.

“Why would we do anything here ourselves?” Soderstrom said. “If it already existed, we wouldn’t have it.”

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