Apple deals M1 versions of the iMac and Mac Mini are on sale

The Mac Mini is a versatile desktop that benefits from the M1 upgrade. Featuring an 8-core CPU and GPU, it achieves 3x faster CPU performance and up to 6x faster graphics than its predecessor.

It also has a 16-core neural engine that is up to 15 times faster for machine learning. At 512GB of storage, you’ll have the space you need for all your projects. Bottom line, this compact computer packs a punch.

Note that the 256GB Mac Mini is also on sale for $50 less than the Apple Store price.

This iMac M1 delivers strong performance with chip upgrade. It has a 24-inch 4.5 Retina display and also has an 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU, which keeps things sharp and alive. The M1 ISP with a 1080p FaceTime HD camera, a six-speaker sound system for audio and a three-mic array for calls and voice recording make working with this machine even better.

Both of these run the M1 chip that Apple launched in 2020. Since then, Apple has announced a brand new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, but so far these are only found in the MacBook Pro lineup. If you don’t need a portable machine, you can’t go wrong with the M1 iMac or Mac Mini at this point. Need something more portable? Be sure to check out these MacBook deals now.

Is it time to turn off the iPad in your life? Is aging or condition beginning to affect performance and usability? It can be a struggle to deal with a slow machine, and even more of a challenge to replace it cheaply.

The Apple Store rarely discounts iPads, but don’t worry: There are authorized Apple retailers out there that have a lot of price flexibility. Despite lots of deals on AirPods and MacBooks lately, the lack of a supply-chain means fewer discounts on the iPad. But you can trust us to always get you the best sales if there is a sale to be had.

Except for the iPad Air, every other iPad product in the lineup received an update in 2021. The iPad Pro, which arrived last spring, was the first non-Mac to be made with Apple’s patented M1 chip, but it wasn’t the last state-of-the-art change in the line. Subsequently, Apple introduced the ninth-generation iPad and the sixth-gen iPad mini for the last time.

The ninth-generation iPad has a 10.2-inch screen, A13 Bionic chip, Apple’s True Tone display, an improved front-facing camera, and increased internal storage.

Meanwhile, the sixth-generation iPad mini features an updated design with stylish rounded edges, but that’s not all. Along with the aesthetic changes, it also gets an 8.3-inch display, A15 Bionic chip, USB-C charging port for quick charge, and a power button with Touch ID.

If you want the best deals currently available on iPads, check out our list below.

The original, 10.2-inch iPad didn’t receive a design overhaul like its Mini cousin, but it offers a faster processor, a better front-facing camera, and a better display than the previous, eighth-gen iPad.

The biggest addition, however, is storage, which was doubled to 64GB on the base model and 256GB on the step-up model. Also, the change you will most welcome in this era of FaceTime and Zoom calls is the front camera from 1.2 to the wide-angle 12 megapixels.

It has also added center stage to keep your mug in the frame during a video call. Most major retailers have matched Apple’s price, and there are currently no deals available on the ninth-generation iPad. However, you can save $30 on Amazon right now on the 256GB model. Read our iPad 9th-gen review.

The iPad Mini was completely redesigned. The new design features rounded edges, thinner bezels and no home button. The power button on the side now houses Touch ID, and the Lightning port has been replaced with a USB-C charging port.

It runs on the new A15 Bionic chip (similar to the iPhone 13) and features an improved and slightly larger 8.3-inch display and better cameras than the older, fifth-gen Mini.

It’s rarely discounted, and the best you’ll do right now is save $25 on the baseline model—in the Starlight color only—on Amazon. Need more storage? You can save $50 on the 256GB model on Amazon. Read our iPad mini review.

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