Anker unveils a slick new portable 4K laser projector

Anker makes one of our favorite portable projectors, the Nebula Mars II Pro, which costs around $500. Although it only offers 720p resolution, it gets high marks for “its lightweight output, overall image quality, ease of use, and affordable price”. Now Anker is bringing laser technology and much higher light output to a new Nebula projector that has a similar design. Announced at CES 2022, the Nebula Cosmos Laser, which comes in 1080p ($1,599) and 4K ($2,199, £2,199) versions, will be available for pre-purchase on Kickstarter from January 11 through mid-March.

Anker says both models are powered by a laser phosphor light source that delivers 2,400 ANSI lumens of brightness (with laser technology you never have to replace the projector bulb). By comparison, the Nebula Mars II Pro is rated at 500 ANSI lumens of brightness. Like that model, the new Nebula Cosmos projectors use Android TV 10 which gives you access to a number of popular video streaming services, though Netflix is ​​a bit tricky to use. Alternatively, you should be able to cast content from your phone to the projector wirelessly.

The Cosmos Laser 4K includes two dual 10-watt and dual 5-watt speakers, while the 1080p Cosmos Laser has dual 10-watt speakers (so, yes, the Cosmos Laser 4K should deliver stronger sound).

While the Nebula Cosmos 4K has a much higher resolution and light output than the Mars II Pro (plus a much higher price tag), one thing the Comos 4K doesn’t have is a built-in battery — AC power is essential.

Alas, one of the press photos we got was a little misleading (see above), but we’re still curious to see what kind of picture — and sound — the Cosmos 4K can produce. Hopefully, it’ll be a nice step up from Epson’s EpiVision Mini EF12 1080p Laser Projector, which retails for around $900.

Anker says that both Nebula Cosmos models are scheduled to ship in late March.

Between work, school and even just catching up with family and friends, more of our lives happen in virtual worlds than ever before. Which means having a stable, reliable internet connection has never been more essential. Having the right router can make all the difference, and right now you can get one of our current favorite routers, the Nest Wifi, for $219, a savings of $80.

This Google Nest Wifi system comes with two routers. While this two piece setup doesn’t have Wi-Fi 6 support, it still offers some of the fastest speeds for a Wi-Fi 5 router with up to 3,800 square feet of coverage.

Nest Wi-Fi points — that is, nodes that aren’t routers — are also equipped with a speaker and Google Assistant, so it doubles as a simple smart speaker. Just tell it to play music, check the weather, and even disable Wi-Fi on specific devices.

The system is also compatible with the previous generation Google Wi-Fi systems.

Spring is near, and if you want your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood, we have a deal you won’t want to miss.

Right now, Amazon is offering the Rachio R3e Smart Sprinkler Control for $50 off, which will help keep your yard perfectly watered during the scorching summer months. You can pick up this easy-to-install sprinkler control for just $100—though there’s no actual sprinkler involved.

With a quick replacement for your old sprinkler controls, the Rachio R3e allows you to control your entire sprinkler system from your smartphone, or even access the sound of your voice via the Google Assistant or Alexa compatible smart hub allows to do.

You can set up to eight different lawn zones that can be watered on your own schedule that is customized based on plant type, soil type, sun exposure and more. It also helps you save on energy costs, by automatically discarding unnecessary water based on rainfall, wind, saturation and seasonal changes.

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